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Crab Terror Island | Sina, Owner

GSL Painting

We knew after the first time we sat down with Brian, April and Cassie that we had picked the right team for our advertising, and we were right! Within a few weeks of our endorsement ads running we signed up several clients who said “I heard you on the radio”. The largest of those was for over $16,000, a full interior and exterior paint job!

– Greg & Megan Lisheski, GSL Painting

You First, LLC

I couldn’t be happier with Brian Ross’s endorsement on Magic 98.9 which has lasted almost a year now.

Brian lost a total of 151 pounds through through You First using the Ideal Protein Protocol. He shared his experiences with his fans each day on the radio, and visually showed his progress with impressive before/after photos and detailed writing on his radio station blog. He did this with sincerity and enthusiasm, staying dedicated to the plan which led to his weight loss.

Brian sharing his journey helped to generate an increase in my clients which continues today. Many clients considering Brian to be their ‘inspiration’ for starting down the path to weight loss and improved health with You First and Ideal Protein, and he does his best to help them stick with it.

I look forward to working with Brian and KYMG, continuing his endorsement as he promotes the most critical part of the Ideal Protein Protocol– his weight maintenance and living a new, healthy lifestyle.

– Dylan Webb, Owner

American Cancer Society

As senior development manager for the American Cancer Society of Alaska, iHeartMedia has been an exceptional partner with us in the fight against cancer, and has played an integral role in the success of our fundraising endeavors. Not only has iHeartMedia provided us with the opportunity to come into the studio and talk live about upcoming fundraisers, you have also volunteered on-air talent to emcee our events, and donated commercial production and airtime to promote our upcoming initiatives. Since iHeartMedia’s partnership with the American Cancer Society of Alaska, we have seen growth in both attendance and fundraising at our events, some raising up to 800% more funds than the previous year to support lifesaving cancer research, and free, critical services for Alaskan cancer patients, such as rides to & from appointments and flights & lodging for those requiring treatment far from home. We’re confident that these successes could not have been achieved without iHeartMedia’s gracious involvement, and thanks to your generosity, you are truly changing the lives of cancer patients in our state for the better.

– Charissa Habeger, Senior Community Development Manager

Midnight Sun Home Care Inc

With over 15 years in business, we have utilized many marketing methods to help bring awareness of our company and keep us top of mind. Radio has never worked for us and have considered it a no go when approached. Not so when Cassie with iHeart reached out with the idea to have a favored radio personality who had a personal experience with what we can offer endorse us on their show daily. I have had this offered in the past by other stations, but Cassie’s approach and enthusiasm as well as pricing was too irresistible to pass up. We have been doing this for several months and everything thing Cassie assured us has been true. With such a big, but truly small town having the endorsement brings clout to our brand and services. Being teamed with iHeart gives us the an experienced team and product with a proven record that made the decision that much easier.

– Kevin Turkington, CEO

Marketing Strategies (AGENCY)

I have been working with iHeart for about 8 years, my reps have always been very responsive and knowledgeable. I do regular live remote broadcasts with April Powers at one of my client locations, and she is very personable, emphasizes the details we need mentioned in a very natural way, and above all we get results every time she cracks the mic. It is like flipping the “on” switch when April is there and my client’s store is full of targeted shoppers that spend in her store. With all the talk about television and radio “dying” and being increasingly fragmented, I have found that live and local iHeart radio works, and works very consistently for my clients.

My rep Cassie Thompson is who makes it all happen, she handles all the details very professionally and in a timely manner, which makes our events look easy to produce to the client, when in fact it’s only easy when all the groundwork has been carefully laid ahead of time. My biggest kudo to Cassie: on a particularly stressful day for my agency, Cassie said “Don’t worry about this, I’ll take care of everything, we are a team.” I don’t think I have had a media rep say that before, and Cassie did take care of our issue very quickly and professionally. I would recommend her to any business looking for an excellent and professional radio representative.

– Kathy Rzeszut, Marketing Strategies

Holiday Stationstores

Thanks again for all your help. You’re awesome marketing partners and we appreciate all you do for us!

The Alaska Club

To motivate current members and appeal to potential new members with a free open to the public weekly summer class showcasing high caliber yoga instruction from the fitness club while creating a feel-good community experience.

Taking advantage of the summer months we proposed that the club take fitness outdoors and include activities for the entire family. Listeners were invited to participate in the 8 week Fitness in the Park, a weekly free event geared towards moms and kids as well as business professionals wanting a bit of fitness during their workday.

The radio station promoted the event on air with live and recorded liners and we had a DJ on site to participate in the activity and host live commercial breaks. The club also received streaming commercials and a large presence on the station website offering the class schedule and more info on club memberships.

The club was thrilled with the turnout and participants had a great time, by the time week three came around the club and advertising agency were already discussing renewing the event for the next year. The station received 100% market share.

Capstone Family Medicine

Nothing comes close to the deal that this traffic sponsorship offers. Put us down for another year.

– Jake Libby, Crystal Clear Creative

Specialty Truck and Auto, Inc.

I get calls from customers daily that make sure I know that they are calling me rather than another shop.

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